Sample Economics Article Review Paper on Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!” Adventures of a Curious Character

Peer Response

Dawn Cunningham

            You have excellent thought on knowledge is the best tip given by John Greathouse for a successful negotiation. As you have stated, planning and preparation are ideal in making a negotiation satisfactory. However, the critical aspect of knowledge is that you have to keep practicing it until you are well conversant with a concept. The best approach to acquire knowledge is by teaching others. Richard Feynman is amongst the people who acquired knowledge through teaching (Feynman et al. 37). He selected an imaginary person and taught that person a concept several times until he was an expert in that area. The same applies to any individual who wants to have a successful negotiation.

            Additionally, I like your point on using information as a source of power. An ignorant person cannot deliver any satisfactory argument. Getting the necessary information that can help you to argue out your points effectively is part of a successful negotiation. There are so many sources of information which can be of importance during negotiations. Such sources may include books, peer-reviewed journals, etc.

David Solano-Bloodworth

Your point on knowing who you are dealing with is impressive. In a successful negotiation, knowing the people, you are dealing with is critical since most venture capitalists are experienced in their field of concern. The most crucial thing is that you have to know how to present your ideas after discovering the people you are dealing with. You may know the people you are dealing with but fail to overcome them.

            I also like your thought of identifying the weaknesses of the people you are dealing with. Vulnerabilities can be used for your benefit because you can exploit the weak points of the parties you are dealing with (O’Donoghue 89). A party with any weakness has boundaries, and usually, they don’t know how to cross it when they are stuck. However, you would have to work hard to identify weaknesses in people.

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