Sample Economic Essay Paper on Communication Power

Reaction Paper

Communication is a topic that is widely discussed in this video. With the introduction of television sets into the American communication industry, many people were able to access the most crucial data and country’s political and social events going on in the country. This came hand in hand with the creation of employment opportunities. Some of the vacancies created included advertisers, reporters and news anchors. Moreover, the growth enhanced the economy by generating incomes in terms of taxes. As the community embraced social networks which included radio and television, the industry grew as well as technology (Geeta Saaver).

On the other hand, people used these platforms to communicate different messages that included making violent speeches. An example incorporates the coverage of Vietnam War as well as the baby bombers event.  This elicited a lot of reaction from the American public hence led to mass demonstration. The social demonstration resulted to changes in governing the country as well as the mechanism used by leaders to deal with social issues. My reaction is that the growth in communication sector was triggered by the demand to air out the plight of common men in the country. Therefore, the introduction of television sets served the sector better during this period when revolutions and political wars were on the rise (Castells 45).

However, media regulation and control over the content air out to the public presented a challenge to the government especially in developed countries. This was also the very time different government tried to put together structures and mechanisms to control the economy. They could not do away with the rising communication channels that earned incomes. Thus, they had to endure the pain caused by ungovernable social media.

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