Sample Ecology Paper On Shell Company in USA

Homework Question on Shell Company in USA

  • Each student team (two members) will interview and research an MNE of their choice to discern the process and/or product adjustments by means of which the company is trying (or should be trying) to address the ecological imperative.
  • Analysis will focus on the likely philosophical and organisational adjustments required to implement the change(s) in question to ensure that learners gain a realistic perception of hindrances to greening processes within the multinational contexts.
  1. The paper should start with brief introduction to the company’s activities and organisation;
  2. Followed by a longer analysis of the particular ecological challenges that it faces within its sector of activity;
  3. Followed by a section detailing the extent to which managers in the company have chosen or might choose to address certain problems;
  4. What they have done in this area; and what they have chosen or been unable to do.
  5. The final section should detail the potential outcomes of their actions/inaction, defined in terms of costs and opportunities.
  6. Where possible, reference should be made at this point to the environmental economics and environmental business theories evoked in the module, specifying to what extent the empirical evidence from the company corroborates or disproves theory SHELL IN THE UNITED STATES IS THE CHOSEN COMPANY

Homework Answer on Shell Company in USA


The US Shell company is an auxiliary of the Royal Dutch Shell which is a multinational oil company which originates from the Anglo-Dutch. The Royal Dutch Shell Company is among the most prominent companies which manufacture oil all over the world. The Shell Company in the US has roughly about 22,000 employees, and the head office of the company is based in Houston. The company is among the largest natural gas and oil producers and also among the leading marketers of gasoline and natural gas.

The American shell company also manufactures petrochemical and a distributor of the same. In average, there are about twenty five shell gas stations in the US, branding the company a market leader. The stations are the most visible among Shell’s enterprises and they are, therefore the main symbols of the company’s presence to the public. Through the company’s activities, Shell purchases and sell more than six million barrels of hydrocarbons in a single day.

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The company’s main activities include buying, selling and trading crude oil and its products, leasing crude oil, marine chartering, and providing the services of risk management (Plunkett & Plunkett Research, 2008).Shell Company is jointly owned, where it partners with Saudi Aramco Company that is owned by the government of Saudi Arabia. Shell’s produces card services, fuels, oils, and also engages in activities of producing, refining, and exploring petroleum products.