Sample Ecology Paper On Eco-Feminist

Homework Question on Eco-Feminist

Required Reading:

  1. Kheel The Killing Game: An Eco-Feminist Critique of Hunting (pdf)
  2. Bell hooks Touching the Earth
  3. Wendell Berry The Pleasures of Eating

Required Video:

  • Youtube7 min segment: Ira Glass on David Letterman
  • Write Reflection Paper on Reading and Video. Please see Writing Prompts that help you orient the reflections. The Reflection Paper may express agreement, perplexity, or respectful disagreement with the Readings from two noted Eco-Feminist writers and Wendell Berry.

Writing Prompts:

  • What does Eco-feminist thought have to do with “racism, sexism, speciesism”?
  • Your ideas after reading Kheel’s Critique on Hunting.
  • What is bell hooks intent as she writes about “living close to nature”?
  • Are the cultural values that Wendell Berry presents important for you? Why?
  • One of the tenets of Feminism is the dominion of the male over the reproductive organs of the female. What is the Eco-feminist connection with animal agriculture? Is the female cow just a machine that produces milk and calves, the female chicken, the hen, just on earth to produce eggs and fryers?
  • Please explain the viewing segment as media host Ira Glass tells David Letterman about this meeting with Dr. Karen Davis.

Homework Answer on Eco-Feminist

Adult learning is affected by many factors that emanate from the community as well as personal environment. This chapter discusses traditional learning theories that include behaviorist, humanist, cognitivist, social cognitivist, and constructivist theories.The concerns include the following issues. First, rewarding of actions may not necessarily lead to continuity of study. Learning that is solely dependent on the actions fails to incorporate other factors that may affect performance or behavioral attributes.

As an adult, I have experienced lack of recognition in some instances upon good behavior in areas, such as co-curriculum activities. Laying more emphasize on rewards demoralizes and discourages good intentions by individual youths. Secondly, adult learning is pegged along cultural context.Basing learning alongside cultural perspective defeats the sole reason for enlightening adults. Human beings are social animals that depend on others for knowledge acquisition.

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Therefore, learning pegged on social behavior is deemed to bear good fruits unlike having a system of learning that concentrates on personal capabilities and behavior. Third, the constructivist theory defines knowledge acquisition as a factor of personal experiences. This overlooks the role of mentorship by the instructors who instill or transfer knowledge to students.An instructor plays a very big role in the education sector, especially in adult learning.