Sample Ecology Essays On Water Resources in Middle East

Homework Question on Water Resources in Middle East

  1. Middle East experience in water management of water resources
  2. Limited region’s climate and environment harsh condition, agricultural use of water effects on the water resources and solutions to over come the problem
  • NB. it should be scientific writing with background, body, argument and recommendations as a final project for scientific writing class.

Homework Answer on Water Resources in Middle East


One of the most war-torn areas in the world is the Middle East. Over the past decades, the region has experienced continuous wars, and those that have not experienced war have come to the brink of it, due to water scarcity in the region, with most disagreeing on the use and management of the scarce commodity. What has even escalated the problem is the need to use the resources equitably, the changing climate, the harsh weather conditions in the region, along with the constant threat of desertification.

Part of the Middle East’s problem with water emanates from years of poor management of water resources. Scientific data shows that the Euphrates and Tigris have lost, over the years, much of their water on overuse of the resources and constant damming by Turkey. Specifically, the two rivers have lost close to 140 cubic kilometers of stored fresh water over the last ten years. Given that these two rivers are the most important water sources for countries such as Iraq, Iran and Turkey, the damming of the rivers upstream in Turkey and the overuse of the water downstream in Iraq and Iran have caused the decreased water flow in these two rivers.

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Much of the water used in the Middle Eastern region is for agricultural use. However, the region’s poor agricultural policies are among the biggest causes of water resources depletion. Most of the agricultural policies in the region are unsustainable, with the condition made even worse by overgrazing. With an estimated 85 percent, use of water being on agriculture, in addition to the destruction of land for food production by the increasing desertification, the region is close to facing one of the world’s largest water crises.