Sample Ecology Essays On Global Water Shortage

Homework Question on Global Water Shortage

  • One third of the world’s population does not have enough access to drinking water or water for basic sanitary needs. Global water shortage is a serious problem in the world today. Research the causes of global water shortage, its effects, and the solutions to it.
  • Write about 1000 words on the subject.
  • Paragraph 1 – Introduction
  • Paragraph 2 – Cause and effects
  • Paragraph 3 – Cause and effects
  • Paragraph 4 – Cause and effects
  • Paragraph 5 – Solutions and conclusion and opinion ” please use bock’s and website as sources “

Homework Answer on Global Water Shortage

The aggregate impact of water usage globally has impinged the supply available from natural sources such that environmental and human demands for water cannot be met. Depletion and deterioration of natural resources have resulted in a deficit regarding the amount of water available for use. The recent findings by the United Nations (UN) suggest that close to 1.2 billion people across the globe are victims of water shortage (United Nations, 2014).

Statistics collected indicate that more than a fifth of the entire global population is affected, with more than half a billion more facing the danger of going through the crisis. Additionally, the United Nations has confirmed that the situation is even worse for nations that lack the capacity to establish the right infrastructure for tapping water from the available resources. The global water shortage is attributed to natural and human-made factors, and has direct implications suggested by such aspects as food scarcity and poverty and can be addressed by increased attention towards conservation of the environment and informed water usage.

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While the world is conscious of the ongoing water crisis, little attention has been spared on the causes that could be addressed to control the damage. A worrying cause is in the form of climate change that is partly attributed to nature, and in a significant aspect brought about by man (Gosling &Arnell, 2016). Apparently, human activities have led to overproduction of carbon (iv) oxide a gas that has caused global warming. Generally, industrialization has come with the use of fossil fuels that are a constant source of such greenhouse gases posing a threat to weather patterns.