Sample Ecology Essays On Alaska Population in the Next 25 Years

Homework Question on Anchorage Alaska Population in the Next 25 Years

  • Write a1 page essay discussing what types of population change (growth or reduction) is expected within a  100 mile radius of anchorage Alaska locality in the next 25 years?
  • Insure the following question are addressed :
  1. How is the locality preparing to face these changes?
  2. What risks to environmental health might this locality experience in the next 25 years due to these changes?

Homework Answer on Anchorage Alaska Population in the Next 25 Years

Type of Population Change Expected within 100 Mile Radius of Anchorage Alaska Locality in the Next 25 Years

Anchorage’s population has grown significantly since the year 1959 because of the increased birth rate and high rate of immigration into the State (Sandberg, Hunsinger & Brooks, 2018). However, based on the recent census reports, the population is expected to grow in the next 25 years due to the influx of individuals from other regions and the increased development of infrastructure such as health care (Stone, Keith, Robinson, Hunsinger, Howell & Whitney, 2012).

Furthermore, the primary reasons behind the population rise are high level of birth rate compared to mortality and significant level of fertility among the residents due to the improved medication.

Ways in Which the Locality Is Preparing To Face the Population Change

The State government has initiated measures to prepare for the expected population increase in the region. One of the strategies is to augment the number of household units to accommodate the projected growth. The plan is to be achieved through the construction of residential areas in the undeveloped areas and on partial lands that can be subdivided.

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Additionally, the government has formed the Alaska Permanent Fund to offer dividends to each of the Alaska residents (Jones & Marinescu, 2018). The authorities are also involved in the expansion of infrastructure in the region of Anchorage such as medical facilities to detect and manage different illness.