Sample Diversity & Health Research Paper Summary on Sudanese Refugees in USA

Sudanese Refugees in USA

The population of Sudanese Immigrants in USA is approximated to be 48,763 people. This population comprises of those who migrated for various reasons. While some migrated due to civil unrest, other migrated as political rebels while others migrated to pursue education, training and for family unification (Donkor, 2008). The people live in different states in the US and face several difficulties in accessing healthcare. The challenges include the level of education, access to biomedical care and lack of medical documentation. Some of the emigrants are found with conditions unknown to them due inconsistency in check up while still in their country. Some have hypertension, diabetes, hearing loss and depression among others. Some of them leave medication on disappearance of key symptoms. Most of the Sudanese emigrants are friendly, and greet formally. They also expect similar responses and treatment.

Upon visiting a Sudanese, the host inquires about one’s family, health and general well being prior to understanding the reason for the visit. It is improper to speak concerning the life of the host. The society is male oriented. There are various traditions followed for greetings, different for men and women (Park, 2010). Although the Sudanese people are courteous and helpful, one has to confirm if their spouse is invited to a function prior to attending with them. The Sudanese have particular cultures where dinner is served at 9 – 9.30 p.m. and tea thereafter.  The Sudanese also have extended families that go back to several generations. These families include cousins, uncles and aunts. The family of any individual has a lot of say on the work, opportunities and marriage in the Sudanese lives.



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