Sample Dissertation Chapter on Communications


The word Nigger is an English noun, its origin is traced back from as early as 1619 where the word was used to describe Slaves of African origin. The word comes from Portuguese noun meaning Negro which descended from an adjective in Latin denoting niger.Its use has become widely used in the United States by mid 20th Century. The word is seen as an insult to many Black Americans but it has been widely used that even Black Americans use it to mean friend and comrades for this matter.

Even if we talk about appropriating or reappropriating the word nigger, its origin still betrays it as it reminds us of violence and brutality on the Blacks. We cannot ignore and assume that the word does not exist, it is widely used today. Black Americans use it without any social consequences but if from the whites then it brings issues. Andy on South Park used a lot of the word Nigger which aroused a lot of issues and was forced later to apologize to Jesse Jackson. Jesse Jackson himself who advocated against its use but was caught using the word openly in one of his forums.

The Nigger word has been widely used in Hip hop and rap lyrics, let us uses Jay z featuring Kanye West in their song Nigers in Paris, the son has received numerous acclamations without any negative social consequences.

It will be unfair to determine who is to use the word and who not to use, we should come at a just conclusion and agree either to proceed with the word or to drop it if a lot has to be considered in this issue.

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