Sample Descriptive Essay Summary on Possible Effects of Testing on Learners’ Behavior

Effects of Testing on Learners’ Behavior

Testing refers to any methods employed to analyze the students’ present understanding foe educational concepts. Testing may be simple based on teacher’s observations or involving standardized procedures such as administration of assessments. If employed correctly, testing over a period of time can help to evaluate the student’s performance. However, one time tests may not be favorable as an evaluation method.

Although tests, particularly high stakes tests are widely applied in the US, the effectiveness of these tests can only be measured over time. Similarly, very few studies have focused on the impacts of these tests on the psychological and behavioral patterns among students prior to and after the tests (Jennings, 2012). It is important to note the effects of tests on the well being of students, especially with issues such as stigma and stress. The impacts of the tests on the revising capacity of the students should also be evaluated.

In addition to this, it has been reported that some students experience stress due to fear of parental disappointment. Because of these, measures such as cheating in examinations are taken by students to prevent failure (Lee, 2008). The discrimination associated with examination results have also seen some students being sidelined by parents and teachers based on their scorecard results. The students who record fewer score are perceived as foolish while those who score higher are treated with respect. This has made schools push students towards cheating in examinations through procedures such as shallow tests. This however is prevalent where supervisor salaries are based on the student performances. On the other hand, tests have the potential of improving learning and efficiency and motivating students to enhance performance.




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