Sample Cultural Studies Essays On “Australian Dreamtime”

Homework Question on  “Australian Dreamtime”

  • Assignment: Please watch Australia: Dreamtime  and critically review the video. (See the video guidelines for a discussion of “critically.) To what extend does the video explain the concept of Dreamtime?
  • Your review should be about 300-400 words. This is about a one or one-and-one-half pages typed, double spaced, with one inch margins on all sides. The review should tell the reader about the film, and your review should highlight issues you think are important.

Your review must include:

  1. The title of the film and bibliographic information (you can copy and paste this from the class bibliography, but you must “clean up” the formatting if you need to.
  2. The purpose of the film and the film’s message
  3. A two or three sentence summary of the film. This must be in your own words. Please do not find a description of the film online and paste that into your review. That would be plagiarizing.
  4. A discussion on whether the film give you enough background and information to understand the concept of Dreamtime. If not, what information would be needed?
  5. What parts of the film caught your attention? Why?

What to Submit:

  • Your review should be typed, double-spaced, with one-inch margin. A solid block of text is very difficult to read.
  • Your review will probably be two or three paragraphs. Please start each paragraph on a new line and indent the line several spaces.

Homework Answer on “Australian Dreamtime”

The history of Australia’s first inhabitants is mythical in nature. However, the film titled “Australian Dreamtime” attempts to give an overview of the ancestral times. Wendy Collins compiled this playlist from a bibliography of various films from the National Library of Australia catalogue on indigenous content. The purpose of this film is to provide cultural information about the Aboriginal Australian people to enable researchers understand the dreamtime concept.

The message passed across involves facts on the history, origin, culture, and theories involving the Aboriginal myths and beliefs. In brief, the summary of dreamtime explains how the indigenous Australian people believe that they came from spiritual beings and these spirit beings still exist within the dreamtime realm. The summary also entails information on the aborigines’ sacred places, sacred site, place of death and death rituals. The film also looks in details about the Anangu and Tiwi as the major sub groups of the aboriginal Australian inhabitants and their worship for the geological formation.

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The film adequately gives information on the background of the aborigines for understanding the dreamtime concept. This is because the narration informs us of how the aborigines do not really recognize where they came from but they have strong beliefs in the spiritual existence of their ancestors in the dreamtime realm. Their island was edged off resulting to separation of features. The features that remained in the world became the landscape in which the aborigines live in.