Sample Cultural Essays On The Turkana Culture

Homework Question on The Turkana Culture

  • In this paper you are tasked with researching a culture and describing that culture in a research paper via an understanding of their artwork.  Your goals in this paper are to present to me:
  1. Who the group is and where they live
  2. Are they a small-scale society? If you don’t write about a small-scale society, describe in detail what their societal makeup is. (Hint: It’s easier to just pick a small scale society)
  3. What their kinship (family) structure is like
  4. What a typical band/group looks like (how many, etc. Again, this will be different if you look at a state-level society, like Rome)
  5. What types of “jobs” do people have in this society (hunter/gatherer? Forager/farmer)?
  6. What is their traditional religion? What does religion look like today if the group still exists?
  7. Are there shamans in this group? If so, what do they do? How do they do it?
  8. Describe their art. What does their artwork look like? What is it made of? When do they make it (winter, summer, always)?
  9. Who makes the art?
  10. What function does the artwork serve?
  11. Is there something unique about their art?
  12. Is there religious art? If so, what’s it like?
  13. Is there secular art? If so, how is it different from religious art?
  14. If they make money, how do they make money?
  15. What does all of this tell you about their society?

Homework Answer on The Turkana Culture

The Turkana community can be described as a group of Nilotic people who entirely live in the Turkana County within the Northern part of Kenya. This community occupies the semi-arid region of Kenya. The Turkana is a small-scale community in Kenya, and based on the 2009 census, the society has 855398 people, which translates to 2.5 percent of the entire population of Kenya. Based on the above figures, the community forms the third biggest Nilotic tribe in Kenya, particularly after the Luo and the Kalenjin, and the tenth biggest ethnic group in Kenya.

Therefore, this shows that the group is quite small in the country, though this research all finds that Kenya is a nation that has more than 42 tribes with some showing small populations less than the Turkana. In addition, the community language is known as Turkana, the same as their name, and Krätli (24) states that the people of Turkana often call themselves as ŋiTurkana, which means the Turkana. Conducting research on this topic is essential since it helps to expand the knowledge on cultural diversity on this particular community.

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The family structure of the Turkana community manifests that the father is the head of the household and the mother can have as many children as possible. Furthermore, a Turkana homestead, which is calledawi, is made up of a man, his children, and wives. According to Gulliver (113), the Turkana society views many children as a blessing from God, and the practice of polygamy is entirely acceptable within this community. Every woman, as well as her children, are tasked with building a hut called ekol as men go to graze cattle.