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Homework Question on Cultural & Ethnic Studies

  • Write a summary of an organization that is working on the issue you are researching, or an organization that is taking an approach to another issue that you think would be a good model for the issue you are working on.
  1. What is the organization’s mission?
  2. What populations or communities does it serve?
  3. Who is involved in the work?
  4. What strategies does the organization use?
  5. Discuss what you think is most interesting or compelling about the work this organization is doing.
  • Be sure to include a link to the organization’s website.


Homework Answer on Cultural & Ethnic Studies

The organization I am working with is Canadian Women’s Non-governmental Organizations. The organization is interested in gender and the global issues. It is a non-governmental organization based in Canada with its branches in more than 20 nations worldwide. Established more than ten years ago, the organization seeks to improve the living standards of the women and especially the young adolescents. The organization has various centers within the country (Canadian Women’s Non-governmental organizations, 2015). Many other problems are solved through a variety of the available solutions.

The mission of the organization is to reduce the increasing cases of gender issues experienced in the upcoming generation. This is achieved by becoming the voice of the voiceless. The organization seeks to be an active system, which defends the equality of the existing sexual groups. Through the organization, gender rights and justice are promoted. The organization seeks to meet all groups of people. However, women and the homosexuals are given great attention.

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This is because women are viewed as weaker sex and hence looked down upon by the men (Eskridge, 95). There is gender fairness in some of the public offices. Women have thereby become victims of these actions. For instance, women have been openly segregated in the political offices while they can equally hold some of the offices. Homosexuals are not recognized in the society (Jones, 57). This occurs even in some of the public hospitals where the victims are to get adequate help.