Sample Cultural and Ethnic Studies Research Paper Summary on Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture

Organizational culture determines how people behave in an organization. During this century, most organizations have a well laid down structure that is written. However, whether the culture is written or not, organizational cultures develop over time and are experienced through artifacts and enacted values. Organizational cultures help to bring unity and harmony in an organization and bring employees towards common goals. I once worked in an organization where the organizational culture was well articulated. The company worked based on values of teamwork and customer service (Jean and Gully 2013). With common objectives, the employees had the capacity to build their performance around the vision of the leaders. The leaders valued customer service and recognized professional customer service delivery. Those who performed exceptionally were rewarded to encourage the good performance. On the other hand, the employees were expected to practice professionalism and great responsiveness to customer needs.

Promptness while serving clients was an expected practice and the employees acted with a lot of professionalism in handling customer needs. The leaders and the stakeholders expected the employees to collaborate with one another in order to enhance their professionalism. Apart from this, the employees also fostered positive relationships with the key stakeholders, addressing customer needs effectively and attaining repeat visits as desired. The employees enjoyed working together as teams as this helped to build their experience and were fully supported by the organization’s management in their work. The quality of work in the organization is also stressed fully since the employees are urged to always focus on the quality they give to the customers. The espoused values and the enacted organizational values have all been helpful to the company and have helped to achieve organizational differentiation (Neal et al., 2011).



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