Sample Cultural and Ethnic Studies Paper on Social Development Changes in Adolescence

Laura Sardina is 19 years of age, and works at a hotel as a maid, where she is paid on hourly basis. She is forced by her parents to find a better paying job so that she can be independent.  In additions, she discovers that with her current job she cannot realize her dream. She is raised in a middle-class family. The family values the religion very much whereas Laura doesn’t. As a result, this makes her parent call her ‘stupid’ as they consider her as an evil person. She gets engaged in bad company; she is taking drugs and having multiple sexual partners (Zastrow 378).

During the adolescence stage, people move from reliance on parents to more self-dependent and establishing relationships and possibly close relationships. As stated by Zastrow (378), young people are often in conflict between their way of thinking and that of their parents. They realize that they cannot be able to provide for themselves. Referring to the case of Laura, she is the conflict with her wish of being dependent and independent of her parent. In her pursuit of independence, she rebels against her parents’ effort to counsel her to go back to school and quit partying. She views her parents’ guidance as out-dated and stupid. As Zastrow (378) argues, sometimes when young people are at adolescent stage often do things that shock their parents. This applies to Laura who opts not to attend classes in school she sneaks to go to a party.

Zastrow (378) claims that children who are raised in a family where the mother and the father are overly permissive or take no interest in children’s behaviour, children tend to have hard times to change from adolescence into adulthood. This is relevant to Laura’s case as her parents seem not to be overly protective, and thus Laura ends up in odd behaviours.

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