Sample Cultural and Ethnic Studies Paper On Organizational Culture

Homework Question on Organizational Culture

  • Organizational Culture Analysis Symbols of culture are called artifacts. Artifacts are the most visible and accessible level of culture. These include behaviors, stories, rituals (everyday practices that are repeated frequently), and symbols (e.g., company logos, company colors). For example, the president of a company volunteering at Habitat for Humanity is an artifact of culture. An example of symbols as an artifact of culture is Ashford University’s shield that serves as our logo and is printed on transcripts, diplomas and letterhead paper.
  • Submit a two- to three-page paper (excluding the title and reference pages) describing the culture of either your current or past place of employment.
  • Your paper should provide examples of and address each of the following topics:
  1. Observable artifacts Espoused values (These are what organizational members say they value, like ethical practice.)
  2. Enacted values (These are reflected in the way individuals actually behave.)
  3. In addition, describe how each item listed above impacts the values and culture of the organization.
  • Your paper must use a minimum of two scholarly sources, in addition to the textbook.
  • Your paper must also follow the APA Style guide.

Homework Answer on Organizational Culture

An organization’s culture determines the actions and the behaviors of employees and the rest of the stakeholders in the firm. It sets apart the company by dictating the processes and the manner in which operations are carried out within the firm. Most companies in the 21st century have a written out culture meant to guide the behavior of people within the firm. However, whether a firm has a written procedure for doing things or not, an organization’s culture builds up with time and becomes a part of everyday operations.

The major aspects of an organization’s culture include the artifacts and espoused and enacted values.[1] The nature of the furniture and the color that a company adores creates a sense of unity and culture for that organization. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the aspects of organizational culture by focusing on a specific organization.

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I worked in an organization that had a well-defined organizational culture. Unlike many companies, the espoused, and the enacted values of the organization’s culture did not have much difference. As such, the firm enjoyed a high level of success because employees had the capacity to display and achieve the expectations of the leaders. The espoused values of the organization included the importance of customer service and teamwork.[2] The leaders of the company valued quality service delivery because customers are quite important to the organization. Additionally, the leaders showed appreciation for high levels of service delivery to improve quality and the satisfaction of clients.