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Homework Question on Universal Language

  • Is there a universal language?
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Homework Answer on Universal Language

It is not easy for the world to have a monologue in terms of language due to the different ethnic diversities that make us who we are, the aspect of language dates back to approximately 200,000 years when the early man in his initial stages saw the need to maximize the use of language not only as a means of communication but also to express how he relates with the rest of the animals.

As portrayed in the video language use from different ethnic groups portrays how these individuals are able to express themselves with each other. Achieving a similar language that can be applied across all these people may not be easy as the variations will come about in so many aspects such as cultural activities and geographic proximity. A practical way of achieving a uniform language would have been adoption of the initial language spoken by the early man by each individual; however the moment every individual decided to have his own unique way meant there was need to have varied ways of handling affairs where language was no exception.

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Though a universal language might be seen as a cheaper and a more efficient way of communicating across the various cultures, it would also means that some of the cultural aspects of certain people that uniquely differentiate them from the rest of the people might be eroded. From the description of love from the different language-speaking individuals, it would be easy for individuals to have different language as the people are accustomed to express feelings in their own special way provided for by the cultures. A universal language would limit many aspects of our ethnicity and diversity inconveniencing many aspects of human expression.