Sample Cultural and Ethnic Studies On Policy Issues and Cultural Diversity

Homework Question on Policy Issues and Cultural Diversity

  1. Identify what we do not know about Policy Issues and Cultural Diversity .
  2. To do this, you will have to identify what information is still missing, what findings are unclear or inconsistent, and what questions you have from the review.
  3. These questions will also help establish your problem statement and the theoretical framework for your future study.
  4. These insights might determine the ultimate value of a research study more than any other factor

Homework Answer on Policy Issues and Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity refers to the presence of different or diverse cultures in a specific region and it can also refer to the ability of diverse cultures to have respect for each other’s differences. Policy issues relating to cultural diversity include factors affecting the processes of making policies that promote cultural diversity in terms of various activities such as arts, cultures and expressions from different cultural heritage (Hajer and Wagenaar, 2010).

Additional information that is lacking in relation to policy issues and cultural diversity include the ways to quantify the level of cultural diversity in a society. There is no specific method that can be used to quantify a society’s cultural diversity level because this diversity arises from a number of factors such as languages, traditions, religion, manner of dressing and the way different groups of people organize themselves.

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This makes it challenging to come up with appropriate policies that address each of these groups’ needs who live together (Bennett, 2011). There is no considerable information indicating that cultural diversity is significant for humanity as biodiversity is significant for nature. This is because cultural diversity is considered as evolving human nature and its importance for survival may be a hypothesis that is un-testable that cannot be easily proved or disapproved.