Sample Cultural and Ethnic Studies On Film and Novel Versions of “Kwaidan”

 Homework Question on Film and Novel Versions of  “Kwaidan”

  1. Discuss the film and the novel versions of Kwaidan and discuss similarities and differences.
  2. Assigned Reading: Lafcadio Hearn, “The Story of Mimi-nashi Hoichi” and “Yuki-Onna” in Kwaidan (1904) Screening of “The Woman of the Snow” and “Hoichi the Earless” from Kwaidan (Kobayashi Masaki, 1964).

Homework Answer on Film and Novel Versions of “Kwaidan”

Kwaidan is a collection of anthropology ghost stories narrated in 1964 based on Japanese folk tales. The story of Yuki-onna is therefore a Japanese ghost story under Kwaidan adopted from 1904. ‘The Woman of the Snow’ also known as Yuki-onna is a story based in Musashi providence. On the other hand, the story of Miminashi Hoichi no Hanashi is also a Kwaidan folklore tale. These stories there incorporated aspects of a tale involving ghosts and spirits (Lafcadio 1).

‘The Woman of the Snow’: Yuki-onna

The story narrates about a woodcutter known as Minokichi who opts to take refuge in a hut owned by a fisherman. He is accompanied by his mentor known as Mosaku during a snow storm Minokichi however wakes up the following day and finds out his mentor has been killed by Yuki-onna.  It is believed Yu-onna spared Minokachi due to his youth. She however warns him to avoid mentioning what he had experienced by threatening that she would also kill him.

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Yuki-onna also tells him she is headed to Edo in order to search for her lost family. More so, her relatives had managed to secure her a position to work as a lady-in-waiting. Minokichi decides to take her to his home although he also stays with his mother. His mother however develops a liking for Yuki-onna. As a result, she requests Yuki-onna to stay and avoid leaving for Edo. Consequently, Minokichi falls in love with her. Yuki-onna agrees to marry Minokichi.