Sample Cultural and Ethnic Studies On Cultural E-Explorations

Homework Question on Cultural  E-Explorations

  • Explanation and rubric for Cultural E-Explorations Within based on individual countries or geographic regions.
  • For this assignment we will pretend that St. Cloud State has hired you to help plan a special study-abroad version of Span 110. In this version we travel to and spend a week in a place within the unit being described. So, for each place you must put together a brief report that covers three areas.
  1. Transportation and accommodation Flight costs and options Public transportation options where you are visiting What are the lodging options? Choose a housing option based on proximity to culturally important spots and lower price.
  2. Cultural activities What would be excellent cultural activities for the group to do? (arts, music, architecture, sports* nature, tours, etc.) Offer up general options along with specific activities with some historical/cultural background information for the activity and cost involved.
  3. Food specific dishes please explain what they consist of. Flow much should be budgeted for food?
  4. What is food like in general in each place and what will be some specific things to try. If there are

Homework Answer on Cultural  E-Explorations 

For the week long study trip abroad, we will visit Mexico and explore its cultural activities. The ideal transport will be the American Airlines since they provide the best pocket friendly prices and the travels are in a range of one day with minimal stop-over’s. The pricing for each individual is in the range of $700 making it the most affordable.

To have the best of the Mexican culture an exploration of Banamex cultural palace museum will be the right destination however, there is no accommodation at the museum so the best hotel to dine in is at the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca where basic language interpretation services are offered for non-Mexican speakers. Travel to the hotel is also affordable and readily available since they have vans that pick their customers from the airport after they have booked.

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The fee for transportation is included in the accommodation rates which are normally affordable.There are of cultural activities that will excite the group Mexico. Among the activities will include horse riding which is mostly observed in Mexican soap operas, attending theatre nights at the Teatro Alcala, attending yoga classes which is a common practice among the Oaxaca’s population and it is also related to their beliefs and practices and lastly, attending dance classes especially in Salsa and Meringue to learn the local rhythms.