Sample Cultural and Ethnic Studies On Christmas

Homework Question on Christmas

  • Introduction about christmas and the history about the christmas,
  • The steps ;
  1. First;buy gifts
  2. Second;design your house and the trees of christmas
  3. Third;invite your friends and your family.
  4. Finaly;make a lot of food ,eating together
  • The conclusion.
  • I want it in 6 paragraphs.

Homework Answer on Christmas


Christmas is one of the most remembered times of the world, in particular among the Christian faithful as it marks the birthday of their savior Jesus. The exact date is unknown, but the acknowledged day to date was set by the Bishop of Rome in the fourth century, and has since been celebrated through the years. 25th day of December represents God’s everlasting life and His continuing love for humanity. It is characterized by green and red colors in decorations, which seem to dominate other colors, the tree, Santa Claus, and various presents.

Christmas is one of the rare days marked with many activities that involve extended family members and the communities coming together to share their belongings, but what makes it more special is the uniqueness in each family’s tradition.


Most people are also known to travel long distances during this period to gather with family members, preferably in the countryside to celebrate this big day.

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Most of the businesses and government offices are always closed during this holiday, thereby giving people ample time to join and mingle with their relatives and communities. It is also the longest holiday period in the calendar year, and most people prefer to spend it with close relations. In most cases, the celebratory activities begin on the eve, where people spend the night in the churches praying and thanksgiving till past midnight when the official Christmas day begins.