Sample Cultural and Ethnic Studies Essay Paper on World Cultures through Film

World Cultures through Film

Golub article on “Day for Night”

Question 2

Agreeably, the topic treated by Truffaut in the film is that the past can be preserved through having long-dead actors in films, where they talk and move as though they are still alive. In the film-within-the-film, long-dead actors are still seen to be alive. The death of Alexandre, in a car crash, signifies his departure from the set of the film-within-the-film. Before his death, Alexandre is seen to have spoken of his desire to adopt a grown-up young man, whom he would have called his son. He has several imaginations about his life, his mother, and son before his death. Thus, from Alexandre’s death, it can be said that time is unpredictable. Few moments before his death, Alexandre was alive and had several plans, only to die from an unexpected car crash. Besides, what Alexandre’s demise in the film says is that death is inevitable for every individual and every person will die at one time despite the plans and expectations he/she has in life. Alexandre’s death shows that cinemas or films do not necessarily end when an actor dies, and this is highlighted by the fact that the film proceeds even after Alexandre’s death.

Jameson on utopias

Question 2

The so-called free market was to help everyone by promoting globalization and ensure that people benefited from unregulated global markets. However, Jameson says that the idea of free-market would allow for the gambling of everything and would not help recover much strength by shifting to a different code, that is, from economics to politics.

Question 4

Jameson proposes that to create a more utopian society, the idea of breaking big banks into smaller ones to deal with monopoly and permit the return to healthier competition should be avoided. He believes that implementing the idea would imply that people return to a past that no longer exists.