Sample Critical Thinking Paper on The Aspects of Gender Equality

The Aspects of Gender Equality

The aspect of gender equality has dominated a number of spheres in the recent past. Expansion of democratic space in most states and nations has greatly contributed to the struggle towards the realization of an equal gender space. The focus of discussion has often been the need to include women in most of the operations in the society. I fully conquer with strives to empower women in the society in bid to promote gender equality. Formation of various bodies that champions for gender equality have been central in these strives. Owing to the intensity of the discussions, most countries have adopted amendments that allow for increase in women presentation in various platforms. Inclusion of women in leadership levels has been one of the concerns of the proponents. The United States have effectively implemented the gender policy by allowing women certain percentage within the government leadership levels including the house of Congress.

In marriages, discussions for the need of gender equality have resulted into adoption of certain marriage policies that have not been fully accepted in all cultures. Policies explicating that in the event of marriage separation, the two partners have equal share of their wealth irrespective of their initial contribution has attracted various critics. In addition, policies that opine that the two married partners are entitled to equal rights and obligations have also caused controversies. Equal marital rights have resulted into the separation of most relationships as constant conflicts are manifested.

 Currently, the growing need for gender equality can be attributed to gay and lesbianism that have been adopted in certain cultures. I greatly detest the adoptions of these life styles. In this regard, there is need to initially consider various options in the attempt to ensure gender equality in order to arrive at policies that are rational and moral. This will help in curbing the problems pronounced in various marital lives and community in general. In my personal view, affirmative actions should be initiated that empowers women besides promoting respect for all individuals in the society.