Sample Critical Thinking Paper Summary on Changing the World

Changing the World

There are various things that I think should be changed about the world. Human relationships have been changed significantly in the present times. The advent of technology has made the matter even worse as people do not value interpersonal relationships any more. I feel that there is need to change how people think about each other, their attitudes regarding ethnicity s well as the perceptions that people hold against each other. To achieve these changes, the first step would be to change the positions held by women and girls in the world. In the contemporary world, women and girls have been given the back seat in various aspects of life. The women have no or limited opportunities to develop socially, economically or politically even in the societies that are considered more developed and upscale. Women do not support one another in the efforts to improve their lives. In countries such as Saudi Arabia, the older women do not support the younger ones in business or in any other quests as they have resigned to the traditional roles.

Additionally, I would also like to change the way international trade is carried out in the world. It is my dream to see international trade occurring without exploitation of the poor nations. I would limit exploitation through currency manipulations or through other unfair trade terms. I believe the current international trade system does not provide all the players with equal bargaining power in the market. It is important for all countries to have equal power and bargains in the international market. In the current system, not even the world trade organization can protect all parties impartially. It is critical to understand that the trade conditions do not affect the poor nations only but affect all of the players (Wielechowski & Roman, 2012).



Wielechowski, M., & Roman, M. (2012). The Essence Of Fair Trade And Its Importance In The World Economy. Acta Scientiarum Polonorum. Oeconomia, 11(4), 47-57.



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