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Homework Question on Permanence of Fingerprints

  1. What is the scientific method, and how is this theory applied to fingerprint analysis?
  2. Discuss the epidermal and dermal layer of skin and how each relates to the permanence of fingerprints

Homework Answer on Permanence of Fingerprints

Scientific method and how the theory is applied to fingerprint analysis

The majority of individuals are born having a distinctive fingerprints set that remain identical for life. These patterns are referred to as friction ridges and are found on both human fingers and on the projection of their fingers, palms, toes and feet soles. The whole skin pattern identification process involves using both scientific tactic and identification thinking to determine if unknown pattern impression comes from a similar source or not.

Generally, the actual process of identification involves analysis, contrast and evaluation. Fingerprints, marks of shoes, weapons, hair, handwriting as well as other forensic areas all center on relative examination that involve visual recognition. The process of friction ridge element fusion assumes that during biological growth, individual elements fuse together forming an initial permanent ridge that subsequently creates the surface of friction skin.

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A fully developed friction ridge skin consists of about cubical area of epidermis layer of the skin and supported by underlying layer known as dermis (Girard, 2013).Even though human experts acts as the instruments to judge if two patterns come from similar source or not, understanding those factors that lead to such conclusions in forensic knowledge has been somewhat neglected. In decades ago, it has been misinterpreted that fingerprint identification process is a precise science. Fingerprints detection is related to two basic assumptions, that is; fingerprints never change and that fingerprints are incomparable to every person.