Sample Critical Analysis Essays On Bioinformatics

Homework Question on Bioinformatics

  • Use this link to see the article you should use written at the appropriate level.
  • Should be understood at the 8th grade level.
  • Minimum 1 page,
  • 12 pitch,
  • Double spaced,
  • Must include source,
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  1. Critical analysis technique should be utilized in writing paper, (i.e. does it make sense, does it include refs, do you agree or disagree with it? What did you learn? Etc.).

Homework Answer on Bioinformatics

As an interdisciplinary field dealing with the development of methods to understand biological information for use in identifying ways to influence genetic properties of living things, Bioinformatics requires extensive research on the effectiveness of applied methods. The article identifies the effectiveness in applied methods in the field as a critical problem, especially considering the issue of dimensionality of inputs and small sizes of samples (Saeys, Inza, and Larranaga 2507).

Due to the complex nature of the processes of analyzing and interpreting biological data to yield accurate and valid observations, the suggestion by Saeys, Inza, and Larranaga that feature selection techniques represent the best approach in analyzing variables is sensible. This is because of the necessity to avoid interfering with the original presentations and meanings of the variables during the procedures of data mining and analysis.

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Feature selection involves choice of a representative subset of data features to serve as predictors in constructing a model to understand the biological information (Saeys, Inza, and Larranaga 2507-2509). The technique focuses on simplifying the model by making it easier to interpret the variables and reducing over-fitting (inaccurate description by considering random errors in a sample).