Sample Criminal Law Paper On The investigation of computer crimes

Homework Question on The investigation of computer crimes

  • Select two of the discussion questions below and respond to each with an answer of 150-300 words.
  • After identifying the text answer, take your discussion a step further by relating text material to the “real world,” if you can.
  • Also, be sure to write your responses in scholarly format–that is, citing the source of your facts/assertions. An unsupported opinion will not receive any points.

1.Computer crimes present law enforcement with many investigative challenges.

  1. Select and discuss one challenge involved in the investigation of computer crimes. Think of someone you know with a drug abuse problem (friend, family member, public figure, celebrity, etc.).
  2. Describe in general terms how it has affected his or her life.
  3. Does this change your beliefs as to whether drugs should be decriminalized?

2.Many experts posit that organized crime can only flourish in areas where it has corrupted local officials.

Support a position on this assertion. Support a position on victimless crimes in regard to this question:

  1. Do they contribute to setting the stage for other crimes to occur?
  • Use text book attached and use one additional scholarly source.

Homework Answer on The investigation of computer crimes

Question 1: Computer crimes present law enforcement with many investigative challenges. Select and discuss one challenge involved in the investigation of computer crimes.

With the continued growth of computer technology, computer related crimes have escalated. Hess and Orthmann (2010) define these crimes as the use of a computer to acquire or manipulate data, or gain unauthorized use of computers or related services. Cyber crimes, which are crimes involving the use of computers in communication, can also be categorized under the broad category of computer crimes. Investigators face a myriad of challenges when investigating computer-related crimes.

One of the major challenges facing investigators is the identification of a suspect. With computers, an individual can disguise their identity making it difficult to identify who the user was. (Smith, 2003). For instance, in a business environment, many people may have access to the computer through a shared password. In other cases, a person can misrepresent their identity or even use another individual’s identity while committing a computer crime.

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When a computer is used for communication, remailing services have been used in disguising identity (Smith, 2003). This is possible because an individual can remove the identification information and allocate unknown identities. Disguised identities make it tough for investigators to identify the real suspect. Anonymity is worse when investigating internet related crimes which require the use of a computer.