Sample Criminal Law Essays On Sex Offences

Homework Question on Sex Offences

  1. List the elements of rape, sodomy and other sex crimes
  2. Distinguish between different types of sex crimes
  3. Explain the rationale behind these statutes
  4. Explain the social policy behind sexual predator statutes

Homework Answer on Sex Offences

Elements of sexual offences


  • Its forced sexual act against a person’s will
  • May involve a minor
  • Child molestation
  • Forced coercion

Solicitation sex crime

  • Request a person to engage in the criminal conduct
  • Have a willingness to engage in the criminal conduct with another person


  • Agree to engage in sexual activities for compensation
  • Trading persons for the purpose of paid sex


  • Filming sexual actions
  • Trading filmed sexual videos


  • Anal sexual acts
  • Oral sexual acts

Distinguish between different types of sex crimes

There are varied types of sex crimes that are punishable by the law as stipulated by the nation (Ashworth 335). These sexual crimes include rape, which involves the offender forcefully engaging in sexual intercourse against a person’s will. Forcible sodomy involves the offender engaging in anal or oral sexual encounters against a person’s will.Forcible object penetration is another punishable sexual crime and it involves the offenders forcing an object inside someone else’s vagina or anus without their will. It can also mean the offender forcing a person to penetrate their vagina or anus against the person’s will.

Homework Help

Marital rape is common in married couples where a partner forces their partners to have sexual intercourse with them, against their will. These may include, sexual intercourse, anal sex, oral sex or other forms of sex, which the victim is not willing to engage into at that particular time. They may be forced to engage in the act after being threatened, abused or forced by the stronger person (Ashworth 363).