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  1. Describe what is criminology and using four vivid examples discuss the the inter disciplinary nature of criminology

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Criminology refers to a sphere study of crime, theories related to deviant behavior and effectiveness of anti crime policies in asocial set up. In simpler terms it involves the discovery of what happens in the courts, in the streets, behind the bars and in police stations. It objective normally is to gauge the role of criminal justice polices and proposals, as well as to discover the global roots of crime, their rates, and how to mitigate them.

Today, the subject of criminology comprise of a wide perspectives as portrayed by critical criminology lens on corporate corruption, global war, and white collar crime. This science is subdivided into; first, criminal sociology which mainly defines criminal factors that can be directly or indirectly traced to the environment of the offender.  The offender environment comprise of socio-political and cultural situations of the society. Second, criminal biology which mainly relates to the factors that concerns the offenders domains such as physique and personality.

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Due to this nature of criminology, researchers have been able to analyze and bring forward positive conclusions on psychological abnormalities crimes. Third section of this discipline is the criminal psychology which mainly advocates for the relationship between personality, environment and crime. This sphere is majorly interested on the factors that exposes the criminal to crime situation, and the experiences they normally posses and gain in criminal activities. The last and most recent form of criminology is referred as victimology, which mainly studies the relationship between the victim and the offender.