Sample Criminal Law Essay Summary on Reasons for Criminal Behavior

Reasons for Criminal Behavior

The existence of criminal behavior for all generations of mankind has led to studies aimed at determining the reasons behind criminal behavior. Some of the studies have alluded to mental, sociological and genetic factors as the key causes of criminal behaviors. According to the biological theory of behavior, the genetic or biological composition of an individual may contribute to criminal behavior by the individual.

The theory further postulates that chromosomes may be blamed for criminal behavior. For instance, it states that men are more prone to violence and other forms of criminal behavior than women due to the difference in their chromosomes. Possession of extra Y chromosomes can also make a person more criminally inclined than others. The sociological theory on the other hand suggests that criminal behaviors occur due to social interactions since the behaviors are learned.

According to this theory, factors such as language, subcultures and poor economic backgrounds all increase vulnerability to criminal behavior. Group conflict and strain are also considered to be possible for causing criminal behaviors in individuals. The environment in which one grows is also blamed in that when children grow up in environments characterized by violence and criminal behaviors, they tend to acquire such behaviors.

The Psychological theory on the other hand claims that there are urges that result from human nature that if left without suppressing, can drive one towards criminal behaviors. When giving heed to these urges, persons choose not to obey the law even though they know the law and the consequences of law breaking. Moreover, it is believed that criminals have low IQ and may not have developed effectively hence engagement in criminal behaviors.

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