Sample Criminal Law Essay Summary on Criminology


Criminology refers to the study of crime, all theories in relation to deviant behaviors and the implementation of anti- crime policies are affected in a social set up. In other words, criminology involves determination of court happenings, what happens behind bars as well as the streets. The objective of criminology is to determine the essence of criminal justice policies and proposals and to discover the roots of crime, the rates of occurrence and the mitigation measures for crime. The subject of criminology in the contemporary times is viewed in a wider perspective through critical lenses.

The science of criminology is divided into various aspects. First, there is criminal sociology which is applicable in the description of criminal factors that connect either directly or indirectly on the offender’s environment. The offender’s environment is comprised of cultural situations and socio- political situations. There is also criminal biology which is associated with factors that concern the offender’s domains such as the personality and physique of the offender.

The diverse nature of criminology has made researchers to come up and analyze the conclusions that can be based on psychological abnormalities of crime. The Third aspect of the practice is criminal psychology. This aspect is focused on the relationship between the environment, personality and the crime committed. The sphere involves exploration of factors that predispose the criminal to the criminal situation. Lastly, victimology is also an important part of criminology. It is the most recent form and relates the victim to the offender. Each of the sub disciplines of criminology rests on the other disciplines and provides a sufficient lee way for criminal investigations.


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