Sample Criminal Law Coursework Paper Summary on Sex Offences

Distinguish Between Different Types of Sex Crimes

Various types of sex crimes are punishable in different countries in accordance with the law. Rape involves having sex forcefully with a person. Sodomy implies having forceful anal or oral sex with a person. Apart from these, there is also forcible object penetration which is basically insertion of an object inside a person’s anus or vagina without their consent. In the contemporary times, marital rape has become a common problem between married couples where partners have sexual intercourse with their spouses against their will. They spouses may be forced in spite of their refusal at that particular time and can be threatened or abused (Ashworth 363).

Unwanted sexual touching is also punishable by law as it involves unwilling touching of a person inappropriately. Additionally, sexual contact with minors is also punishable as is incest. Incest refers to sexual behavior of any form that occurs between those who are closely related. Other punishable sexual crimes include child pornography, sexual harassment and solicitation of children, indecent exposure to have sexual gratification and prostitution in some countries (Scambler 19).

The rationale behind punishing these sexual offenders is to curb the crime in the society as well as to punish the offenders. Policies such as electronic monitoring, sex offender registration and residence restrictions are used to protect the public from fear, harm and anger among the citizens. The sexual offenders are required to register their addresses to enable law enforcement agencies to know their whereabouts in any case of sexual assault in the community. The offenders are restricted within specific boundaries while those with long offense records are made to live in civil confinement.



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