Sample Criminal Justice Research Paper Summary on Healthcare Security

Healthcare security

Healthcare insurance allows patients to choose facilities that they like. However, patients only choose those facilities in which they have trust. This implies that the choice of facility is based on the perception of the patients about the ability to be assisted. In addition to this, patients also consider the level of security in the hospital. This refers to safety factors in relation to their families and belongings (Biringer, 2013). The level of security in any healthcare facility depends on the structures therein.

Security measures in health facilities not only protect the workers but also ensure dependability. One key role of security in the healthcare facilities relates to the emergency section. Since most unplanned treatment procedures take place at the emergency section, it is necessary to keep this section free of security threats. The possibility of a threat may reduce the effectiveness of the section. In addition to this, any instantaneous security issues can result in people sneaking out with patients without payment.

Apart from this, security fears can also reduce employee effectiveness. Employee satisfaction is paramount in increased productivity. In cases where nurses and other health facility workers face security threats, their effectiveness is reduced due to reduced morale. For instance, when nurses face work place harassment, the level of satisfaction with the work is reduced (Ebrary & Atlas, 2013).

Another issue with security relates to the potential of being infected with diseases in the healthcare facilities. Infectious diseases make the healthcare workers to maintain preventive measures such as seclusion of infected persons. However, security threats pose a challenge. An example of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is given. In this case, criminals entered a hospital and released the secluded Ebola patients. This led to more infections and deaths.

Because of the prevalent security issues in healthcare facilities, it is important for the managers of those facilities to put in place effective risk mitigation strategies. The strategies should be able to prevent security breaches before they occur. For instance, installation of impenetrable security systems in patient wards is very important. Wards with highly infections diseases should be completely secluded and with advanced security systems.

Besides the physical security issues in healthcare facilities, the increasing use of online record keeping systems is still another challenge. Threats to online data keeping include unauthorized access to such information. It is critical for healthcare facilities to put in place measures that prevent unauthorized access to sensitive client information, notify the administration in case of potential threats and provides the target information and mitigation measures.

Owing to the importance of security in healthcare facilities, it is essential that those facilities should maintain effective security measures. Inclusion of security personnel into the facility system and installation of security systems is Paramount. The security personnel have to be trained in public relations to avoid tainting the facility image. The work environment should be secure for the personnel to improve their performance. The objective of such security measures is to prevent the influx of street crime into the facility. However, in case such an event occurs, it is essential that the security personnel be trained in communication, timely response and initiation of recovery after the security issue. In conclusion, security is a critical issue in healthcare facilities as it ensures satisfaction of patients and workers alike.


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