Sample Criminal Justice Research Paper On Domestic Violence

Homework Question on Domestic Violence

Write about:

  1. -violence in the family
  2. -high risks
  3. -the psychological theories of it
  4. how damaging it can cause like it did to Aileen Wuornas-

Homework Answer on Domestic Violence

When a child is born out of parents who are domestically violent, chances are that the child will inherit the same characters genetically and through the social setting. Many studies have shown that such human genes are passed down from parents to their children even before they are born, as in the case of Aileen. Aileen’s case presents a sad incident that affected all her life.

The girl child was born out of a scattered family that had the history of violence, drug addiction, and abuse. According to the case, Aileen’s father was irresponsible and abusive; he left her mother and her elder brother before she was born. Her father, due to his abusive nature,committed other crimes like rape and minor abuse, which resulted in his imprisonment. Aileen learned about her father when she was told he had committed suicide in prison.

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After nine months of giving birth to Aileen, her mother left her with her elder brother in their grandparents’ custody. Unfortunately, Aileen’s story became even worse due to the abuse she received from her grandfather. She lost hope in life and found consolation in drugs and alcoholism. Her normal life was affectedand she engaged in strange activities like committing incest with her brother at an early stage and having sexual affairs with other boys in the neighborhood in exchange of cigarette and other drugs.