Sample Criminal Justice Research Paper On Constitutional Law

Homework Question on Constitutional Law

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  2. You may not use your textbook as a source for your paper.
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  • All sources should be cited correctly throughout your paper and an entry for each source should be included in your bibliography.

Homework Answer on Constitutional Law

Rikers Island struggles with a Surge in Violence and Mental Illness.

A sober society exists in environments that are regulated by law and order and everyone is subjected to follow the set standards at any given time. The set standards involve terms and conditions that must be followed, and in case they are not, necessary steps are taken by the law enforcers. This is the point where the law takes its course and consequences follow according to the provisions of the law and judgment of the guilty.

Like other correctional facilities, Rikers Island is a correctional institution whereby law breakers are taken to serve their sentences after convictions of criminal offences. Correctional facilities are supposed to protect the society from criminals as the criminals are rehabilitated in the way of proper morals. This segregation from the society gives the criminal time to reform and transform to the norms and requirements of the given society; this is achieved through punishment and labor. This ensures that when the convict is done with serving his/her term, he/she will be ready to survive and integrate well when he gets back to the society (Betty 2002).

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Reports of the behavior and morals exhibited in jails across the entire New York area are shocking depictions of the levels of inhumanity during criminal rehabilitation. This has affected negatively both the staff working in jails and the convicts themselves.According to an article in the New York Times by Michael Schwirtz 2014, there has been a rise in violence, misunderstanding, and mental illness dilemmas in jails, especially on Rikers Island.