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Homework Question on Resources and Development Group

  • In bullets format, respond the questions below Resources and Development Group
  • As the secretary of Division of Corrections, you have been asked by the Governor to significantly reduce the number of inmates incarcerated in the Ohio State Prisons and Jails estimated at over 21,000

A)Define the new mission for the Division of Corrections that will capture a rapid reduction of the number of incarcerated by at least 20%.

  1. Identify the priorities for the selected inmates to be released. Offense categories. At what length of their sentence? Based on what criteria?
  2. Determine the annual rate of release for the next three years, by offence category. This may be discussed monthly or bi-annually.
  3. Describe the goals for reentry in the local communities where inmates will reside. What options will they have for services, treatment, employment, housing, etc?
  4. How will you realign resources within the DOC?

B)Develop a budget for this transitioning within the DOC.

  1. Describe the 24 (one for each facility/prerelease center in the state, and 24 located in the community) new positions you will hire to work with the prerelease and reentering inmates. Define staff (define their roles and responsibilities)
  2. How will be classified- qualifications eligibility
  3. Develop a budget justification for each category of staff hire
  4.  Develop a budget – salary and benefits within current comparative rates

C).What reductions will be made in the budget to absorb new position? What will be cut?

  1. Explain what will be cut in your budget to provide funds for the new positions.
  2. Describe the justification for the reductions in the budget
  3. How can you justify eliminating items in the budget?
  4. What goals/mission, priorities will change?

  Homework Answer on Resources and Development Group


  • To identify the Pre-imprisonment and post-release behaviors of prisoners and their social environments, and their relationship with re-offending.


  • Minor offence prisoners who show case signs that they may have been victims of circumstances. Young offenders who display traits portraying that the crimes they were charged with are way beyond their ability. Aged inmates who have minimum ages to live and are seen to possess less danger to the public.


  • Individuals released from jail are at greater risk of returning to jail compared to others. it is approximated that one in five of  individuals released from  their  first  term  of imprisonment returned to prison within two years in comparison to about two-thirds of those who had been imprisoned six or more times. Individuals that are prison-prone are regarded to have found themselves in prison but with different crimes. It is critical to note that these crimes are great than the initial ones that led to their imprisonment.


  • Improving the decision making processes by which individuals are sent to prison and in at the same time regarding prison reentry as a safety policy for offenders and the public on top of the correctional mandate that it plays.

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  • Community-based, non-profit and non-governmental organizations will be involved in the reintegration process of offenders into the community
  • the Integrated Support System shall jointly cater for the development and rehabilitation of offenders
  • offenders will be referred by the community corrections officials to various support services for their rehabilitation process within their residential areas
  • the various support services will cater for the individual needs of the offenders in the community.