Sample Criminal Justice Paper on Research methods and statistics for criminal Justice

Question 1

From an objective point of view, it is essential to acknowledge that police are human beings who react differently when provoked by fellow people. Consequently, the most proper unity of analysis entails capturing the factors that cause violent arrests, especially in crime scenes. This is an essential unit of study which, when keenly addressed, has resulted in the excess use of force by most police departments across the US. It is common to find a heated argument between a police officer and an accused individual. It is during this argument that most police officers open fire in cases when the accused individual seem to overpower the police. However, this analysis will be crucial in significant ways as it will enable the police department to determine which section of the police department exercises its duty by overstepping their mandate.

Question 2

A regular type of sampling will be the most suitable technique to adopt when implementing the objectives of the mentioned research. The first target population will include the police who will be selected in pre-determined criteria as the entire police department is accused of causing violence with individuals during an arrest in a crime scene. The police will provide crucial information or an indication of factors that trigger their violent behavior with individuals accused of a given crime. It should be noted that some police officers treat an accused person as a guilt fellow who has already been sentenced to death. The situation becomes proving that a guilty individual is innocent, and this goes against the law of justice. Nonetheless, the police will be vital in ensuring that information that causes such kind of procedural arrests which uses violence to instill fear in public.

Secondly, it will also be critical to consider the input of arrested individuals who encountered police violence during an arrest. Using a stratified technique of sampling a population, the contribution of these inmates will be crucial in understanding the main reason as to why the police react violently to crime suspects. This target sample will be composed of both male and female inmates with different sentences according to their criminal charges. Logically, it would be wise to note that the female police shove even female crime suspects during an arrest. Consequently, this is a problem that seems to be affecting the entire police department irrespective of gender or race. Nevertheless, the contribution of the inmates will be crucial in ensuring that no factor is left unevaluated in the pre-research evaluation.

Question 3

Firstly, the integration of information findings with respect to the research objectives will provide an important validity assessment criteria. In most research that involve both dependent and independent variables, it is common to find a distortion of the initial objectives for that research. As a result, the conclusion provided by the analysis fails to recognize the main aim of the stipulated research. As a remedy to such a situation, accuracy and relevance in integrating research findings from various target population will be critical in ensuring research consistency. Integrating information from the police department with data gathered from the inmates will be critical in ensuring information validity. This will be important in ensuring that all validity issues related to data gathering and information processes are guided by the main objectives of the research in the discussion.