Sample Criminal Justice Paper On Public Safety and Individual Rights

Homework Question on Public Safety and Individual Rights Paper

  • Write a 1,750 word paper discussing the relationship between public safety and individual rights.
  • Present your point of view on the following areas:
  1. Statutory authority and responsibilities of government officials, , security personnel, and private citizens. Practices or laws relating to search, seizure, and surveillance by police, corrections, security personnel, and private citizens. Compare the laws relating to the use of force by police, corrections, and private security. Individual privacy rights and laws relating to policy, practice, and procedures.
  2. Format the paper consistent with APA guidelines.
  4. I need to have 3 power point slides about the case history and background on the court case of Fernandez v. California.
  • With the power points I need at least three references and speaker notes

Homework Answer on Public Safety and Individual Rights Paper

Law enforcement agencies encounter numerous challenges in their efforts to enforce public safety while protecting individual rights. This paper seeks to analyze key topics with regard to the relationship between individual rights and public safety.The U.S. is an example of democracy in the world. This means that the government reflects the will of people and government officers enforce the laws and regulations in accordance with local, state, and federal guidelines.

The U.S. citizens pay their taxes and in exchange, they demand that the government functions properly and offers the necessary services to protect the safety of the public and their property. The government employs different officials ranging from mayors at the local level to governors at the state level to those officials employed directly by the federal government.Each officer is given particular powers that facilitate the performance of duties and responsibilities.

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Officials from the federal are always required to uphold the constitution in the course of their duties. According to the American constitution, the main reason why the federal government was created was to create a more perfect union of different states, create justice and guarantee domestic peace, provide for the common defense, ensure the general welfare of the people, and secure the blessings of liberty to the people and the country`s prosperity (Nemeth, 2005).