Sample Criminal Justice Paper on Police stress and the effects on the family

Response to Student

It is crucial to identify the symptoms of stress among the law enforcement officers as well as the adverse effects it creates in their personal and professional lives. However, it is equally significant to detail out the sources of stress so that the leaders can put forward measures to reduce cases of stressed officers. Some of the factors that contribute to the law enforcement personnel being emotionally bothered include pressure from their supervisors, shift work which denies the officers the opportunity to spend valuable time with their families, citizens, and colleagues (Haines & Madison Heights, 2003). Moreover, police officers do not receive decent salaries which add to their stress when they cannot manage the financial situations of their families.

A stressed officer cannot deliver efficient services to the general public, and it is, therefore, the responsibility of the management to establish ways and means of addressing the issues that make them stressed. One strategic approach that the leaders can use is providing training and counseling which empowers the officers with the necessary skills of confronting their daily challenges (Haines et al., 2003). It is thus crucial for the law enforcement authorities to introduce counseling departments in every station and hire the services of professional counselors who must observe the confidentiality of individual officers.

Employees are the greatest asset in every organization, and it is crucial to embrace programs that promise to empower them to become even more productive in their work. Such programs should not only care about improving the officers’ professional lives but also their personal concerns. For instance, law enforcement officers are likely to have unstable marriages following their unpredictable work schedules that could deny them the opportunity to be with their spouses more often (Matthews, 2011). Therefore, it is crucial to incorporate the services of a marriage counselor in the program to equip the officers with the necessary knowledge of building stable families.


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