Sample Criminal Justice Paper On Memorandum

Homework Question on Memorandum

  1. Pick 1 out  of 10 memorandums in the US and identify why you choose this memorandum
  2. As well as the impact of the memorandum with regard to homeland/national security.

Homework Answer on Memorandum

The memorandum picked for analysis is the National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM200), which focused on the “Implications of worldwide population growth for U.S. security and overseas interests.” The completion of this memorandum was facilitated by the United States National Security Council in 1974, and this was after Henry Kissinger’s direction (Franks 5). The latter served both as Secretary of State and National Security Advisor in the administrations of both Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon.

He was one of the key stakeholders in the formulation of US foreign policies, and his concern about the threats that less developed countries (LDCs) posed to the national security of the US prompted the formulation of the NSSM200. Unlike several other memoranda, the NSSM200 was made public in 1990, and this is why it is chosen for analysis. Before 1990, the NSSM200 was one of the most confidential or secret documents in the US, and this meant that neither the citizens of the US nor the citizens of other countries in the developing world who were the center of focus had any information regarding its existence.

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The publicity of the NSSM200 came about in 1990 when it was handed over to the National Archives of the US, and this was after a request by a journalist whose project was focused on Africa. Essentially, the memorandum aimed at promoting birth control in less developed countries as a way of curbing the increase in population that was seen as a threat to the national or otherwise homeland security of the United States (Franks 12).