Sample Criminal Justice Paper On Hashing and Digital Forensics

Homework Question on Hashing and Digital Forensics

  1. Compose a 1-2 page paper on Hashing and the Importance in Digital Forensics

Homework Answer on Hashing and Digital Forensics

A hash, also referred to as a message digest, is a digit that is generated from a text string. Hashes are used to add security to data access procedures. The hash value generated from a text string is usually significantly smaller than the text itself.  It is generated using a formula which makes it very unlikely that such a hash code can be reproduced even from the same text string. The sender encrypts the hash code that has been generated from the message and then sends it alongside the message.

Hashes are used to protect messages that are transmitted to ensure that they are not interfered with. The receiver on the other end decrypts the hash and the message. The receiver then generates another hash code from the received message. If the hash code generated is the same as the one transmitted alongside the message, then it is highly probable that the message transmitted is intact and is the one the recipient got (Janssen, 2010).

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Most organizations get to face cybercrime in their lifetimes. Sabotage, Fraud, intrusion, phishing and other cyber-crimes are commonplace in the modern world and organizations should be ready to deal with them. One of the most important skills that Information Technology and Legal experts need is the ability to understand, detect and deal with cybercrime.Most of these cybercrimes are committed with the aid of spyware and Malware software. These crimes have detrimental results in case one becomes a victim.