Sample Criminal Justice Paper On Gun Control

Homework Question on Gun Control

  • Gun Control is a hot topic in the United States. You will take two positions on the topic of Gun Control.
  • The first position will be Pro-Gun Control and the other position will be Anti-Gun Control.
  • You will document several reasons why some sort of gun control regulations should be in place in the United States and defend your reasons.
  • You then will document several reasons why gun control should not be strictly regulated in the U.S. and also defend your reasoning regarding that position.

Text Reference

Schmallenger, Frank. Criminal Justice Today: An Introductory Text for the 21st Pearson Education, Upper Saddle River, NY (2011) 11th ed.

  • You are to use a minimum of two (2) sources with our text book being one of them.
  • The assignment shall require that you conduct ananalysis of a subject area.
  • The papers shall be at 350+ words in length (excluding name and headings).
  • Papers will be double spaced using Times New Roman (font size 12).
  • Papers are expected to be free of typos and grammatical errors. Avoid using slang, unclear abbreviations etc. in the papers.
  • The paper is worth 150 points.
  • A word count shall be included at the end of the paper and a reference section.
  • Remember this is not a book report. This is a written analysis and a simple research effort.
  • You must include a cover page and a reference page as part of your assignment.

Homework Answer on Gun Control

The problem of gun control has been at the center of the US societal issues in the past few years. The constant shootings in schools and other social settings have raised the debate on whether the country should have regulations to control the purchase and use of guns. The debate on gun control is complicated with strong pros and cons. Despite mass shootings which include the devastating December 2012, shooting attack Sandy Hook Elementary, the government is yet to enact reforms or bans to control guns(Hepburn & Hemenway, 2004).Due to the different opinions, this paper will explore the pros and cons of gun control.


Guns often fall into the wrong hands. In the United, most of the weapon massacres experienced in recent years were caused by guns obtained legally. Statistics on gun shootings in the USA indicated that approximately fifty of the seventy shots experienced in America the last 30 years were done through legally obtained guns. The indecision by the United States to curb the gun menace has led to criminal non-justice system(Schmallenger, 2011, p. 16)The inadequacy of the current gun restriction laws is well documented. The laws restrict law enforcement from implementing policies required to control guns.

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It is important for any gun owner to register and characterize his or her gun. Stricter registration laws for guns would prevent the use or purchase of guns by criminals. Mandatory restrictions would ensure the government has records of the guns in the country.Implementation of guns laws will protect the vulnerable population. Most cases of mass shootings have involved the massacre of children in high school, elementary school or college. Restrictions will protect this section of the population that is often targeted.