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Homework Question on Gender Based Theories

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Homework Answer on Gender Based Theories

Gender based theories are theories that attempt to understand and explain crime perpetration with a focus on the gender of the suspect or the criminal (Hagan, Simpson & Gillis, 1979). Gender based theories can be categorized into the following classes: macro theories, conflict-based theories, structural theories and cultural theories (Steffensmeier & Allan, 1996).According to macro theory, the society exerts the forces responsible for the direction and control of the life and behavior of every individual.

Conflict based theories are based on the assumption that conflict is natural and normal to humans; and, as men use conflict against themselves/women as a means of acquisition of power and control, societies tend to be patriarchal or men-controlled: it follows that societies are naturally designed to place men above women.Structural theories are based on the structure of the society under consideration. The theories exploit the elements of a particular social structure to provide explanations for the variations in the rates of and differences between crimes perpetrated by females in comparison to males.

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Classical theories abandon positivism in favor of postmodernism. These theories are a product of current feminist thoughts. Daly and Chesney-Lind argue that it is the traditional definition of males as superior to females in all social aspects and, hence, the justification for their offensive actions, that is responsible for such gender-based crimes against women as rape (1998).

The ideas of gender based theories can, generally, be summarized as outlined below:

  • It is natural for humans to engage in conflicts, as pertains to social relations.