Sample Criminal Justice Paper On Death Penalty

Homework Question on Death Penalty

  1. Does the death penaltys deterrent value outweigh its negative factors, such as the possibility of error and the increased expense when compared to life imprisonment?
  2. Do you think that the death penalty has been applied in a racially discriminatory manner?
  • Support your answers.

Homework Answer on Death Penalty

The negative factors of death penalty far supersede any arguable reason supporting it. The expense of life imprisonment and congestion in prison cannot be substituted with death penalty however much capital crime someone has committed. Apart from justice being paramount in any case, the judged should also be given a chance to learn from their mistakes. Rehabilitation gives one a chance to change and contribute positively to the development of the society or nation(Sunstein and Adrian 743).

Death penalty has drawbacks in that it is the most form of undermining the human right of an individual. Life is arguably the most precious thing, which sadly the penalty goes against.The psychological trauma and social unrest that is inflicted on the family members and friends of the victim is far beyond unthinkable. Relatives may take this not as justice done but as murder of their beloved. At times, the death penalty might be compromised.

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Economically, a person from a low economic status may not be able to afford the services of a suitable criminal legal representative whereas the complainant might be much capable. This creates an open imbalance of representation which might result in unfair judgement. There could be a chance of error in judgement, in some cases once the execution has been done, appeals may later find that the person was innocent.