Sample Criminal Justice Essays On War on Drugs

Homework Question on War on Drugs and the Criminal Justice Systems

  • The U.S. has been fighting the War on Drugs for more than 40 years now.
  • After examining arrest, sentencing, and/or incarceration statistics relating to drug offenses, analyze the impact of the War on Drugs on the criminal justice system.
  1. Should drug use be decriminalized?
  2. What impact would the legalization of drugs have on the criminal justice system and, more broadly, society?
  3. Please be sure to use source citations to support your argument as to whether drugs should, or should not, be decriminalized.

Homework Answer on War on Drugs and the Criminal Justice Systems

The war against drug abuse and trafficking has continued to draw controversy worldwide. For instance, in America, the society is under pressure and debating on whether to legalize some drugs (Provine, 2007). At the same time, its worthwhile to not that the war on drugs in various societies has impacted the criminal justice systems. This work will analyze war on drug abuse and drug trafficking and its impacts on the criminal justice systems of the affected societies. In addition, the work will evaluate the effects of legalizing known drugs in the society.

For many years, the Federal Government of the United States of America has continued to increase its efforts to fight drug abuse and trafficking. For instance, the country’s chief pledged to fight the societal problem in the year 1982 (The united states war on drugs, n.d). To achieve the set goals, the chief, in cooperation with the Federal Government,allocated funds for various programs that would help reduce cases of drug abuse and drug trafficking.

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At the same time, the criminal justice system seemed to concur with the chief’s goals of dealing with the societal problem (Provine, 2007). In an attempt to help fight the problem, many were arrested and sentenced to prison for drug related problems. During the 80s, the criminal justice systems imposed strict penalities when handling drug related offenses (Provine, 2007). For this reason, the court systems that operated during those times were strict on the matter.