Sample Criminal Justice Essays On “Very Young Girls”

Homework Question on “Very Young Girls”

  • View the movie Very Young Girls (2008).Write a three page paper answering each question on a separate page.
  1. What do you think victims’ of trafficking do not run away?
  2. Examine the scene early in the movie where the young girl was describing how she ended up in “The life.” What were some of the methods of control used by her pimp/trafficker?
  3. Reflect on how Law enforcement and service providers approached incidents of trafficking. Did they handle these encounters well? Might you have handled it in a different way if you were in that position?

Homework Answer on “Very Young Girls”

Question 1

While abducting and seducing the young girls, abductors use different methods to ensure that, the girls comply and meet their demands. The methods used often border death threats situations that make the girls obediently obey their masters. Often, the pimps approach the girls respectfully and humbly. After winning their trust and ensuring the victims have gotten into their game plans, the pimps change their gradually to the unsuspecting young girls.

Upon meeting the pimps, the girls show utter ignorance to the danger awaiting them. Soft-spoken, humble, and down to earth, the pimps firstly win their trust by ensuring that the girls will have no doubt about their innocence.Upon winning their trust and ensuring that the girls will obey them unquestionably, the abductors change strategy and use intimidation, threats, violence, and fear to ensure completely that the girls obey and comply with their demands.

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The confusion that gradually develops in the girls coupled with the initial trust they develop towards the abductors change their situation and they find themselves mercilessly at the command of the abductors. Threats such as death, exposure, physical violence, and rape often push the young girls to a point of full compliance whereby they have no alternative other than to go by the abductors demands.In situations where the girls fail to comply and prove difficult, the abductors use torture and physical harm to instill fear in the victims.