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Homework Question on True Justice System 

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 Questions are as follows.

  1. Do the three justice components (police, courts, corrections) constitute a true system or are they more appropriately described as a process or a true non-system? Defend your response.
  2. What are the legal and historical bases for a justice system and its administration in the US? Why is the conflict-versus-consensus debate so important?
  3. What did Katz say are the three most important general qualities of a leader? Do you agree or disagree. Support your answer.
  4. Objectively assess what type of leader you would likely be? Is it an effective style? What are so of the possible advantages and disadvantages of this style.

Homework Answer on True Justice System

Criminal Justice System

The criminal justice system is consists of the police, the courts and the corrections. The purpose of the criminal justice system is usually the decrease of criminal behaviour, albeit through various uncoordinated and uncomplimentary attempts (Peak 7). The absence of coordination among the three components of the judicial system is usually a source of conflict among the three components, spelling doubt to the very existence of a system.

The system assigns each component within the system specific responsibilities and choice for combating crime—the very source of conflict among the component (Peak 7). With the provision for discretion, each of the components fails in the engagement of coordination or planning with the other components, thus characterizing the relationship among the three with insufficient communication, friction and skirmishes (Peak 7).

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The role conflict within the justice system and the blame game on the quality of arrest and case reports, the independence of the court and the conflict of choice on either punishment or rehabilitation points towards the direction of a truly non-functional system. For this matter therefore, the Justice system is truly not a true system, but evidently a process. Thus, the police begin the process, the courts process the criminals and it is the work of the corrections to rehabilitate or punish the criminals (Peak 7).