Sample Criminal Justice Essays On The Hart-Rudman Report

Homework Question on The Hart-Rudman Report

  1. The Hart-Rudman Report called for three innovations.
  2. In 2-3 pages, and by using APA sytel formatting, describe these innovations and discuss any pros and cons which could develop.

Homework Answer on The Hart-Rudman Report

The US Hart Rudman commission/ task force was created in 1998 in order to give the United States a review of the national security requirements that were needed in the 21st century  (Muljadi, 2009). This being the case, Gary Hart and Warren Bruce Rudman were selected/appointed to spearhead the commission in order to analyze the international security environment that was emerging, to create a national security strategy and to access the existing security institutions in order to determine their effectiveness as well as recommend strategies that would be implemented to make the national security effective and efficient.

This being the case, the committee came up with three innovations or contributions which include the first phase that explained the new world coming, the 2nd face that stipulated how to seek a national strategy and the third which gives the roadmap for the national security, which this paper aims to highlight as well as indicating the pros and cons of the hart Rudman’s report.

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The first innovation /report that the commission completed and that which was released on 15th sept. 1999 aimed at giving a view that depicted the international security environment by 2025. According to the commission’s report, by the year 2025, it was assumed that there would be an increased globalization amid  social and political disintegration. The report indicated that the United States was vulnerable to hostile attack and the military would not be able to protect the people fully (Decker, 2001).