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Homework Question on The Criminal Processes

  1. Remember that for the first writing assignment I am looking for you to tell me what Packer means by the two models of the criminal process. Describe them.
  2. Then in the balance of the paper tell me where you believe you stand on the continuum between the extremes of the due process model and the other extreme of the crime control model. There is no wrong answer.
  3. We all vary on what we believe is the proper balance between the two poles. This exercise is to make you THINK about your position.
  • The paper should be about 3 to 3 1/2 pages without reference page.
  • Please use chapter 1 from the book Two models of criminal justice by Herbert packer, and chapter 5 from the book “criminal justice policy without theory or research”
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Homework Answer on The Criminal Processes

Administration of criminal justice has been an issue of major concern as there have been two conflicting theories that describe how the justice process ought to be carried out. The two models of criminal justice systems are the Due Process Model and Crime Control Model (Cole, 1973). Each of these models presents different view on how justice should be administered. However, the basic principles outlined in the Due Process Model of administration of justice in any criminal offense is that the right of an individual should be the major factor that should be put into consideration while under the Crime Control criterion of criminal administration emphasizes on the regulation of criminal conduct, as the major factor that needs to be addressed (Gerstenfeld, 2006).

The Crime Control Criminal Administration System

This model of criminal administration is based on the principles that the most important factor during the criminal process is the repression of the criminal law, thus any failure of any law enforcement to control the criminal conduct can lead to the breakdown of the order that exists in the public, and which will subsequently lead to freedom and rights of citizens (Cole, 1973). This therefore implies that the criminal process guarantees social freedom.

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In order for this to be accomplished, the efficiency of  the criminal process need to be looked into by ensuring that suspects are screened, determine their guiltiness, and finally determine the ultimate disposition of those that are convicted of any criminal offense (Cole,1973).