Sample Criminal Justice Essays On The Case of Greg Taylor

Homework Question on The Case of Greg Taylor

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  • Watch this compelling documentary on a man who was wrongfully convicted of murder.
  • Pay particular attention to the bias and the outright fraud surrounding his case.
  • For your paper discussing this documentary, discuss the examples of bias and fraudulent forensics and how it affected Greg Taylor’s case

 Homework Answer on The Case of Greg Taylor 

Possibly one of the most heralded cases of wrongful incarceration in the United States, the case of Greg Taylor gripped North Carolina by storm. Greg was sentenced for the alleged murder of Jacquetta Thomas, a young prostitute from North Carolina(Zuchinno 1). The circumstances that led to Greg’s prosecution and incarceration were marred with police irregularities. Greg was imprisoned for a shocking seventeen years during which he missed the largest part of his daughter’s life.

Greg was finally exonerated when he was deemed innocent of the crime by a three-judge panel under the jurisdiction of the state-mandated innocence commission of North Carolina. In a documentary by Capitol Broadcasting, Greg recounts the circumstances that led to his arrest and the process that led to his release( 1). As such, this paper will discuss examples of fraudulent forensics and bias in the case of Greg Taylor.

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Greg Taylor’s case was the first case in the United States where an innocent individual was freed through an innocent commission especially for the State. As mentioned previously and as asserted in the documentary, Greg Taylor was prosecuted through inadequate evidence illustrating a case that was marred with bias. In the documentary, the three judges that represented Taylor stated that the evidence used to prove Greg’s guilt could be used to prove his innocence.